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HA integrated services was established in 2010 in response to the increasing demand on the market for innovative high quality solutions at competitive prices .



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The software is an important requirement for any commercial activity to organize the business and ease of follow-up of the activity so we have allocated an entire section for the software business from setting up and developing management and account programs and customer service to various activities and we have taken into account the latest technologies in implementing applications to meet all the services custom form according to customer requirements .

Web Development

Websites have become one of the most important marketing means in our time , their capabilities to reach the largest number of customers easily and conveniently and offer products and services in a clear and simplified way to facilitate the decision to purchase on the customer that is why we worked to provide the latest technologies in creating and developing websites so that the customer can use them to add their latest products and services with ease , ease and compatibility of the site with search engines to facilitate the ages of the site's content and the largest amount of customer accessing this content .

Mobile Applications Development

Mobile applications have become one of the most important needs of customers for ease of use and their ability to reach customers and communicate with them directly and facilitate the purchase process, and therefore we are always working on the simplicity of design and taking into account the requirements of users to facilitate their use of applications and access to the maximum benefit from the application .

Network Services

Networking services are the basic nucleus in building any commercial activity because it provides many advantages that are indispensable while doing any commercial activity such as linking branches (internal and external ) and providing network resources and raising the efficiency of the internet service and the work of unified internal networks and support lots of other features and services that help customers get the most out of the lowest cost .

low current services

low current services are considered one of the most important services in the finishing works and equipment of commercial activities and that is because it facilitates monitoring and securing places and providing a lot of luxury because it contains a large variety of services, including security services , follow-up services and smart control services , for example some of these services are camera systems, audio systems, fire alarm systems and theft alarm systems and intelligent control systems in electricity and electronic devices and attendance and departure and follow-up systems , doors, automatic windows, nurse call system , customer waiting system , and regular and visual intercom .

Telecommunications services

Communication Systems are among the modern systems that are indispensable for any commercial activity because they save a lot of money and effort during the business activity because they saves a lot of money and effort during the business activity because it manages all customer communications professionally and almost automatically in a lot of times and provides them with a lot of services such as internal calls at no cost to all branches and internal and external points ( connecting all branches on a unified network ) , automated response messages , welcome messages , and call recording services for follow-up and quality evaluation , and therefore we have worked to provide many advantages in unified systems that operate as a central call center for commercial activity .

Publicity and announcement

We are working on marketing, promoting and providing advertising and publicity services for clients with different commercial, industrial and economic activities. And it is a means of linking the producing company and the public, and strives to invent various advanced and professional methods of advertising.

Brand & identuty Design

We provide you with an integrated set of design services for publications , publications and advertisements, whatever your project and whatever type of designs you want. We have a group of the most creative , professional and talented designers who can always impress you with the end result of your work, whether your goal is to design: Designs for digital marketing – Designing emails – logo design – advertising designs – gifts – animated designs – trade and technical brochures and releases – invitation cards – drawings , graphs , maps and infographics – business presentations – business cards and corporate official papers – promotional materials – journal designs for magazines – folders – building a business identity . We believe in the need to understand the requirements of our customers in order to provide them with distinctive printed designs . After we review and understand your main marketing strategy , we will review a wide range of ideas and develop conceptual designs for your campaigns .

Marketing campaign

The work is not finished yet , and your project promises to become a reality that is still awaiting more , and there is more, for better results . Achieved a project of rapid spread and broader fame , do not talk about it , but let him talk about himself through reaching millions of customers , visitors and users . The best way to promote your project is to reach the right target in the right place at the right time and in the right way , and to shorten the time and effort needed .

Advertising campaign

It is a series of different advertisements or one advertisement in one or more the media that collect one goal and targets a specific audience and is based on a period of time that may be longer or shorter depending on the goal of the company from this campaign , and often uses repetition and extensive advertising speech to achieve a goal the company is from this campaign , which may be launching a new product , enhancing the image or sales of an old product , or working to change or support it . Publication campaigns – road campaigns - out door campaigns – screen campaigns – mobile message campaigns – WhatsApp message campaigns – social media campaigns .


We provide printing service in all sizes and the highest levels of accuracy and mastery , and by using the latest printing machines we also provide our customer in this vital and important area with many services and means that help them come out with the best image of their advertising product with high quality and reasonable price .

E-Marketing (Digital Marketing)

E- marketing lies in the many advantages that this type of marketing outperforms traditional marketing. Therefore, before we clarify the advantages of e-marketing , we must make it clear that traditional marketing is marketing that relies on traditional channels such as television and radio , advertisements in the streets and newspapers , and we all know the high cost of these marketing channels, which can be said that it cannot be targeted A specific segment of customer , Unlike e- marketing , which if managed by the best e-marketing company , you can then define your goals easily and work to implement them at a lower cost and greater return . Through e-marketing , you can maintain clients, make them permanent customers , and develop their loyalty to your company or project , and this is done through social media and email pages , as well as SMS , WhatsApp and directed message . In e-marketing , the sale process can be done directly from the website or social media pages . By offering these features that illustrate the importance of e-marketing campaign. We will start with you from the beginning and then work on implementing an electronic marketing campaign for your project in order for it to be a success .

Organize conferences

Organizing and preparing some international exhibitions and conferences held in Egypt , including the annual IPSIS petroleum Exhibition , which takes place every year , where we implement all the products needed by the international Hashmia company for contracting , starting from the design and implementation of the place and ending with publications and advertising material on the display screen and advertising products . we also participated in organizing the Egyptian Universities conference at Mansoura University with the participation of a large number of Egyptian universities and institutes, where we implemented the pavilion of the Nile Academy for Science and technology. We also participated in organizing the conference of Microsoft corporation at the Nile Academy for Science and Technology where we prepared the conference headquarters and publications and implemented the website of the conference on the internet and its administration since its establishment until the ends of the conference in addition to designing the immediate registration program while the conference was held for the first day at the conference headquarters to the registration process ends and the audit files are prepared .

Security and protection services

HA provides many security and protection devices to provide the greatest degree of safety and privacy to its customer , such as : weapons detection gates , electronic doors , security barriers and reverse gear ( tire destroyer ).

General supply services

HA provides a variety of services in the field of supplies to save its customers time , effort and money in searching for the best offers for administrative and commercial headquarters equipment in the areas of electronic devices , security devices and network devices , and HA Group on their behalf supplies the headquarters comprehensively with all the equipment and equipment you need according to the customer's requirements , at the best prices and with the highest quality and guarantee .



HA integrated services was established in 2010 in response to the increasing demand on the market for innovative high quality solutions at competitive prices .We specialize in providing cost-effective products and services that are distinctive in quality and integrated services to institutions, companies and individuals in Egypt, the Middle East and all over the world such as advertising and promotion services, promotion, publishing, organizing and preparing events and conferences, electronic marketing plans , graphic design, programming, website creation , mobile application creation , office automation,

security and protection systems and alarms, network and server setup, web hosting , general procurement services and various engineering services .Our commitment to development has allowed us to offer a wide range of products in addition to customized and innovative solutions that enable companies and institutions to simplify their operations and reach their goals easily .We focus on providing high impact solutions that include functions tailored to customer requirements such as design , supply , implementation and support .

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